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Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint 2013

Our Time:
Cyn - 2:51:54
Jake - 2:51:54

Palmerton, PA
Tri-State NY Spartan Sprint 2013

Our Time:
Cyn - 2:24:36
Jake - 2:24:13

Tuxedo, NY
Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort 2013

Our Time:
Cyn - 1:09:36
Jake - 1:09:36

Disney is a magical place.  When we saw a special 5k obstacle race being held at Animal Kingdom, we HAD to go and give it a shot.  It was really fun running through the park at night, and afterwards, there was a fun party throughout the park.  This wasn't a timed race, but it was very cool!

Orlando, FL
CitiField Spartan Sprint (Stadium Race) 2013

Our Times:
Cyn - 1:09:38
Jake - 1:09:36

New York City, NY
Fenway Park Spartan Sprint (Stadium Race) 2012

Our Times:
Cyn - 1:32:16
Jake - 1:32:16

Boston, MA
Amesbury MA Spartan Sprint 2012

Our Times:
Cyn - 2:00:19
Jake - 2:57:51

This past Saturday (8/11/12) was a phenomenal day in our life.  Last August my brother in laws (David and Andrew) and some of their friends went on a journey up to New England for something known as the Spartan Race.  For those of you who aren't familiar, the Spartan Race is a themed race that tests your physical and mental abilities for anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours.  The Spartan Race has a few different types of races which are the Spartan Sprint (3 - 5 miles / 15 or so obstacles), the Super Spartan (Over 8 miles / 20+ obstacles), the Spartan Beast (10-12 miles / 25+ obstacles), the Spartan Ultra Beast which is a 26.2ish mile marathon that will allow you to run only after showing proof that you can handle it and the final race, is a Spartan Death Race (48 hour race, yeah, straight).

So, back to the story, Cyn, David, Drew, Kelsey, Mikala, myself and a handful of others got together to do this race at 11:30am on 8/11/12.  I had been training for the past 3 months for this, and thought I would be able to do pretty well.  You really have no idea how wrong I was.

For the race in Amesbury, MA, The race starts with a vertical hill / mountain climb.  After the first climb there is a trail to follow through the backwoods.  Those trails will eventually lead to, walls to climb, cement blocks to drag, spears (1 try) to throw, larger walls to climb, rope climbs in a 4 foot deep pool of muddy water (don't drink that shit, it's nasty), jumping over fire, monkey bars, horizontal wall climbs, weighted sandbags to carry up and down the earlier mentioned mountain / hill, barbed wire crawl and eventually you will run into two spartans at the end that will hit you with giant q-tips just for good measure.

This was the most intense experience of my life.  I was at the edge of giving up at about 2/3 through the race and told Cyn that I was going to have to quit and told her to go catch up to Drew and David.  Reluctantly, she headed off to meet up with them.  I sat and pondered the amount of exhaustion my body was going through at that time and thought that if I can make it past this obstacle (the part where I have to walk up and down the mountain / hill with a heavy ass sandbag), I just might be able to finish the race.

About 15 - 20 minutes later I made it to the top of the mountain and started making my way back down.  At this point I needed to climb back up the mountain to get to another set of obstacles that included the spear throw, barbed wire crawl, rope climb, cement block pull, oh and there were 2 more walls that were somewhere in the range of 7 - 8 feet in height.  I decided to wait at the top of the mountain for Cyn, David and Drew to see how they were doing.  I also needed a bit of a breather after that last obstacle.  As I see Cyn come over the horizon of the trail, she looks at me and smiles.  They all cheer me on and I said something along the lines of, I didn't come all this way to fail.  I'll meet you guys at the finish line.

The race took me a total of nearly 3 hours, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Thanks to everyone who played a huge part in my training and helped push me to succeed!

Amesbury, MA